We embark on the trekking excursion with a  guide specialized in ecology and wilderness  survival skills, who is equipped with first aid  kit and permanent communication.  During  our trip, tourists can participate actively in  order to become a part of the experience, and  will become aware of the local geography and  way of living in the Parana Delta.  On the  jungle circuit we will see flora and fauna,  birdwatching areas, as well as bird’s nests and  animal dens.  We will travel through the  swampy zones, learn survival skills, how to  navigate in the jungle, how to use natural  orientation, etc. Remember to bring a camara  or camcorder, comfortable shoes, pants, long  sleeved shirts, and warm jacket in the winter  months. The trekking activity is available for  kids over 5 years old, accompanied by  someone responsible for them, and for  people with perfect physical capacities.
 The activity is subject to climatic factors,  such as rain or high river flooding.  5 person  minimum.  We can also live the unique and  exciting experience of the “night circuit”,  where we can observe the behaviour of the  forest and it’s nocturnal animals in all of their  splendor, rounding up our excursion with the  “ancestor’s rest”.  Said circuit should be  reserved with anticipation; accommodations  are included.